Reviews of Two Best In Wall Dehumidifier | Consumer Reports

In wall dehumidifier may not sound popular in the world of dehumidifier but in the real sense they are types that can serve an entire house humidity withdrawal. They are also referred to as whole house dehumidifier systems because of their high pint capacity mostly find in majority of this kind of units. While you may be thinking of how to reduce your home appliance due to space limitation, in wall (built-in) dehumidifiers are just the perfect choices because they are mount within the home walls.

Also, whenever you come to a conclusion to which type of dehumidifier system for tight corners homes, never hesitate to look out for a wall mountable dehumidifier. However, whether, you want to buy or want to know some of the best in-wall units, we’ve set up two products with reviews below which may be of interest to you.

These two items where picked from amazon and at the time of compiling this article, these where the only two dehumidifier that can be installed between home wall available on However, you might find other products on in other sites but we assure you that the two units discussed that’s what you still find.   

1. IW25 in-Wall Mounted Dehumidifier


  • Tank free design
  • 1600 square feet coverage
  • Operates at 47 decibels sound
  • Auto restart after power interruption
  • An energy efficient innovative dehumidifier system

The IW25 unit is space saving dehumidifier that required permanent installation into home walls. This wall mount unit is energy efficient making it great for long hour home dehumidification without you spending much on electricity compare to non-energy rated models. The design fit well btw 16” wall studs and works well in homes measuring up to 1,600 square feet. There is no limitation to the number of pints to which the IW25 unit can withdraw from your home daily. It works continuously just like an air conditioner and to make things easy for users, drains water directly outside to avoid emptying tanks by oneself.  

One special thing to know about this dehumidifier is that both commercial and industrial settings can make use of it including educational sectors as well. In this kind of environment, it’ll pay you to invest on wall mountable dehumidifier than the single rooms or floor types because of the busy nature of the environment settings. 

Reviews of Two Best In Wall Dehumidifier | Consumer Reports

Built to user friendly operation and no complexity in usage. With this device you can set relative humidity intake from 30% to 90% to achieve an optimal humid environment. Furthermore, one important fact that needs to be taking into consideration in choosing a dehumidifier whether for homes or cooperates environment is the noise level which this products has been certified to at sound level as low as 47 decibels. However, quietness is one specification that makes this dehumidifier essential different from other competitive brands.

This device also feature a washable filter that only requires cleaning and replacing. More so, has a front cover that complement modern homes designs. To add it, back up with 24 months warranty, however for more information about the warranty, visit product page for details.

In summary, this wall placement dehumidifier feature an automatic restart function that turns the unit on itself whenever there is power interruption, so you don’t have to other doing it manually.

2. Ultra Aire” In-Wall Dehumidifier (MD33)

This Ultra Aire is the last but not the least performing unit, and for those in need of a wall mounted home dehumidification system. This one comes sleek and slim design which I think is more preferable in terms of the size. The Ultra-Aire MD33 unit keep tracks of the level of moisture present indoor atmosphere and helps maintains a healthy, conducive living environments measuring up to 1,200 sq. feet.

This unit can be used for a whole house dehumidification and any other living areas where humidity seems to be highly covered. The md33 also features auto restart just like the first unit discussed above. In addition, design to run quietly said by the manufacturer of this product and also, an energy rated unit consuming less electricity. The sleep front panel design will serve as décor to your house.

Final Discussion

If you think is time to purchase a dehumidifier for your house and you are looking for an in-wall design dehumidifier then the two products examined in this page will just be the only two options to consider in the myriad of dehumidifiers brands available in the market. Most relevant to note, both units can be used to remove excess moisture from either single or whole house. Further, among the two, I also recommend the IW25 in-Wall Mounted for basement dehumidification but none of the units should be used for crawl space areas as their design doesn’t follow such home areas.   

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