Top 4 Best Renown Soleus Air Dehumidifiers Consumer Reports 2019

What comes to mind when Soleus air dehumidifiers is mentioned, is the name and brand that may not sound popular like the fridgaire or the homelabs that seems a household name on the market? But mind you, soleus brand is a company that’s not only into the making of home dehumidifiers only but generally designed home appliances such as heating, air conditioning and vent systems. So for anything that gets to do with home air improvement or devices to keep your home in comfortable state, you can call on the soleus.

I solely dedicate this publication to review some of the top rated soleus dehumidifiers for those who want a powerful moisture withdrawal device to clear out wetness from their home. in this post, there different pints unit starting from 30pint, 45pint and 70pints unit for different coverage areas.

Benefits of Using Soleus Air Dehumidifier Brand

All of the items discussed here feature a permanent filter in their operation which makes soleus products low to maintain because no filter replaced which do add to cost of maintaining. More so, their dehumidifiers are energy rated which help saves more energy compare to rivals units. If you want to dehumidify your home for hours without spending much money on bills, it pays to make with soleus by picking a product from them. In addition, their product comes in lightweight design and mobility caster wheels to help you move them from one place to another in respect to air dehumidification purpose. Safety and continuous drain option features are also available which makes usage more convenient. I think I have already summarized the whole this post here but nevertheless, lets glance through of each of the item of concerned below.

Meet the 4 Best Soleus Air Dehumidifiers Reviews

1. Soleus 70 pint dehumidifier DS1-70E-101

Soleus 70 pint dehumidifier DS1-70E-101
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This soleus air dehumidifier will help you stay in a comfortable and reduced moisture environment. If your mission is to protect your house from mold and mildew evasion which occurs due to excess humidness then look no further rather pick this air dehumidifier manufactured by the soleus brand.The moisture withdrawal has the capacity to remove unwanted moistened condition you don’t want in your home up to 70 pint in 24hours. With myhome patent technology, no more doubt whether your device is working properly because is intentionally input into this soleus dehumidifier to clear out every element of guesswork. Also feature caster wheels that makes the 70pts moisture dryer easy to use anywhere in your house. However you can confidently use it in the basement section living or bedroom to dry out too humid air effortlessly because the wheels are more than powerful to enable you move it conveniently.

There is also a continuous drain option that let users connect a garden hose to it for collected water to be channeled out directly. The cost of maintaining this unit is drastically low, thanks to its permanent washable and replaceable filter that eliminate needs of changing filters often. More safe to use, equipped with auto shut off for full tank and this helps conserve energy.


  • Removes seventy pints daily
  • Installed with wheels that lets you roll it anywhere
  • Great for sleeping spaces, sitting rooms and basement dehumidifying
  • Have 3 speed fan settings from high, low and medium speed
  • Support continuous hose drain connection
  • It comes with a bucket that can collect 8.5 pint of moisture
  • Full bucket shut off.

2.  Soleuse  Air Dehumidifier 45 Pint – TDA45E

45 Pint Soleuse TDA45E Dehumidifier
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This is another unit designed by Soleus Company to fight high humidness at home that responsible for mildew and mold growth. But at this time, the flour mountable dehumidification system collects 45 pints per day which is a bit lower compare to the 70pt model. This pint capacity makes me recommend it for small area humid invaded places for work to unit efficiency. Operating soleus 45pt air dehumidifier lets you choose from three fan speeds level such as low, average and high depending on your home demand and personal comfort. While you are running steadily you can go about your daily routine without worry of collected water over flowing.

The unit will turn off itself once full bucket is reached but it makes sense to directly drain out condensation by taking advantage of the continuous drain feature. This unit also allows mobility from one location to another which is achievable via its easy push and rolling caster wheels.


  • Collect condensation up to 45pts in 24hr
  • Low maintenance cost and energy saving
  • Easy transporting around your house to remove moisture
  • Washable and reusable filter that makes you breathe better air

3. Soleus HCT-D70E-A Compact Digital Dehumidifier, 70 Pints; 120 V, 60 Hz

Soleus HCT-D70E-A Compact Digital Dehumidifier, 70 Pints; 120 V, 60 Hz
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The digital soleus air compact dehumidifier manufactured with three selectable speed levels. And each of the level let you determine the rate at which you want air moisture to be removed from your home. The dehumidification process involves the unit collecting water from the air into its buck with full bucket alert that inform you to empty tank plus an auto turn off preventing over flowing. You can also choose to use the continuous hose so that condensation being taken runs out on it’s owe and this grants you more peace of mind.

Dehumidifying your space doesn’t mean your home humidity levels should fall below the normal health status level but never worry, Soleus HCT-D70E-A is equipped with selectable humidness option which helps you to maintain optimal humidity that’s beneficial to health comfort. However, once the humidity settings selected is reached, the unit compressor turns off itself.

For convenient sake and transporting, the soleus humidity removal comes with carriage handle and wheels to move it within. While most dehumidifiers can operate it low temperature, soleus ensure that this product from them is able to work efficiently in temperature as low as 41 degree Fahrenheit making sure you excessive moisture leaves your home.


  • Portable handle and rolling wheels
  • Loss of power not a problem, auto restarts turns unit ON and it also feature auto defrost
  • Has automatic shut off timer and full bucket alarm
  • Garden house connector for continuous drainage

4. Soleus #TDA30 Air Dehumidifier, 30-Pint

Soleus HCT-D70E-A Compact Digital Dehumidifier, 70 Pints; 120 V, 60 Hz
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A 30pts dehumidifier per day doesn’t mean a challenge but rather an amount of water to be removed by the unit in the stated time frame. The facts remain that soleus 30 pints capacity dehumidification appliance protects home from mold and mildew growth caused by high volume of moisture. So pint capacity shouldn’t be a discouragement as you can as well connect a garden hose for the moisture to be empty out by the unit via the continuous flow option. The Myhome mode patent technology is another anesthetic features in this 30 pint portable soleus dehumidifier that closed the gap of guesswork in dehumidifier use. Just effortless select from the living space or sleeping space, basement settings for the ideal humidity level in anywhere you place the soleus unit. And if there is custom level of humidity you desire, you can manually achieve it using the electronic humidistat.

The whole of the dehumidifying process makes easier with the casters wheels for easy roll and use in any room of your choice making sure moistness dry out. Some modern day dehumidifiers are every expensive to maintain but soleus had closed the gap by bringing their innovation into reality making a dehumidifier that uses washable and replace filter. My take on this, soleus 30 pints air humidifier will keep you feel comfortable by reducing moisture to its minimum level.


  • Eliminate 30 pints of moist air in 24 hrs
  • It is equipped with wash and replace filter that eliminate filter buy
  • A continuous garden hose Connector provides continuous low-level drainage
  • My home mode offers set humidity levels for basement, living and sleeping spaces
  • Auto shut-off featuring full bucket indicator and alarm
  • Digital humidistat shows chosen humidity level and current room humidity level

Soleus air dehumidifier 30 pint still remains one of the best 30 pints dehumidifier for basements, sitting rooms and living spaces. A trial will convince you just like other users on amazon.

So far the following top 4 soleus air dehumidifier examine in this page with consumer reports are some of the best units find on the market. However, if at all none of the units fall into your home demand or budget then you can check out our comparison table for a wider list from other brands.