Inofia Dehumidifier, 232 Pint for Large Facilities

Inofia dehumidifier 232 pint is one of the best dehumidifier you can ever get for large facility dehumidifying. I have carefully searched for a multi- area dehumidifier and was able to sort out this product designed by Inofia brand.

In the meantime, before we unveil the totality of this 232 pint Inofia dehumidifier which I confidently believe is great for any public place moisture controlled, let’s quickly look at some facts about humidity or jump to review here.

inofia dehumidifier reviews

An Over View of Humidity

High humidity is not only having its effect at the home level, it has stretched its wind farther. As most people synonymous think dehumidifiers are just for household use. But here is the geek, humidity has no restriction to where it can settle, as long there is opening or vent in any building it goes in, settled down and starts to promote problems such as molds, mildew and other havoc high moisture can degenerate.

Among possible areas where humidity slightly creeps in is the crawl space of a home making it so damp and before home owners gets to find out, it has rooted. Sometimes goes beyond ordinary level that you may not expect.

Also, garage owners are not left out of high humidity challenge. Bet it even if you’re not living in low temperate degree countries, during the summer humidity in your garages will definitely sum up to a degree that’s above 60%. This means troubles for garages because your exotic cars, bikes, workbook, and metal tools will be invaded by oxygen reacting with water to form corrosion.

What about your basement that always feel damp without you knowing how come about the saturation. If I want to continue mentioning places, the list is inexhaustible because Industries, Commercial environment, Warehouses, Storage rooms etc. are also affected by high moisture menace.     

However, since the need of dehumidifying statistics gradually increasing according to findings, this also means there will be a proportional increase in dehumidifiers buy. But what we should understands, different dehumidifiers work best in coverage areas in which the manufacturer has designed it for. What it means, if you have a 70 pint unit, don’t expect to use it in a space that’s above 4,500 square feet. In other words, if your space is higher in cases of commercial and the industrial settings, what do you do? You definitely need a powerful unit in terms of higher pint capacity. This is where Inofia 232 pints dehumidifier becomes one of the relevant unit to choose.

Inofia Dehumidifier, 232 Pints Review

  • Auto defrost
  • 12ampres rated
  • Wheels and handle
  • 8000 square feet coverage
  • Continuous draining option
  • Auto humidity sensor and balancing
  • Has a weight of 105.8 pounds
  • Measure 23 x 22 x 38 inches

When you convert the Inofia 232 pints capacity to gallon, this simply means Inofia will take out approximately 29 gallons of moisture every 24 hours. This however put Inofia in the class of industries and larger spaces need.

To give you the sense of conviction that inofia can be used in any large facility, it comes with high and solid castors with a handle to pull the unit within your property with ease. 


Greatly cherished, can turn on and off in order to achieve accurate and invariable humidity level. It means, when moisture level is higher than a favorable condition, it turns on automatically to reduce it. On the other hand, once desired level is reached, it shut down. All of these events is done automatically without disturbing yourself. To complement the operation process, collected moisture is drained out immediately via a continuous draining. And so you don’t have to border yourself emptying unit.  

Reduced Noise and Energy Saving

Since is a public place unit, noise is one top most priority the manufacturer considered while making this dehumidifier 232 pint capacity unit. They however use the principle of fluid mechanism to optimize the wind wheel and the air duct to reduce vibration and noise level. Therefore, for a serene industrial environment while dehumidifying, you can trust this Inofia. This all sectors unit is also an energy star rated and energy saving wise, you’ll never be disappointed.  

User Friendly

The maker also equipped it with an LCD display which let you view real time settings such as humidity level, temperature and performance status for easy operation. Whether the humidity is higher even above 90% level, Inofia has auto defrost to keep it protected from such level.  You can check the pros and cons associated with this inofia dehumidifier below.  

• For large facilities
• Multi-place use
• Reduced noise level
• Energy saving
• Automatic fault diagnosis
• Detect desired humidity level and stops
• Expensive
• Heavy but the castors available to easy transportation.

Application Areas

This unit can be applied in the following areas: basement, warehouse, Cellars, Laundries, storage areas, shops, industrial organization and garage applications etc.

inofia Application Areas
In conclusion, if I were you that needs to reduce moisture from air in facility that’s up to 6000 square feet to 8,000, I’ll pick this 232 pint dehumidifier. Also looking at all the features as analyzed, it worth the investment than allowing humidity to creates a leaking hole in your pocket after damaging your properties.

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