How to Get Rid Of Moisture in House?

How to Get Rid Of Moisture in House?

How you reduce moisture in the house is a questioned that arises when there is high moisture challenge in a house. Humidity is naturally part of life, without it then nothing will survive in the earth crust including human beings. But excess of it becomes a big punch of blow sometimes, because the damages it causes secretly, suddenly opens someone eyes to the amount of investment lost.  And because of the aftermath trouble high humidity may cause, throws home owners into a solution puzzle. However the next question that comes up, is how to get rid of moisture in house.

Hmm, in life, I discover people tend to be more serious when problem hit them unaware then preparing for life. Nevertheless, I won’t bored you about that, let’s get back to the issue of how to resolve the moisture in no time.

I’ll start by,

Why Is My House So Humid?

Knowing what moisture is, is very paramount in answering this question before us. Moisture itself is also known as humidity and so don’t be confused whenever both terms are mentioned. However, I’ll coin the definition of moisture from humidity as both means the same thing in this context.  

Humidity is the amount of vapors available in the air at a specific time. Although this vapors is invisible to the eyes but it’s actually present and that’s why you may feel humidness or dryness sometime depending on the level that’s present in the air.  When moisture level is high then your house will definitely be humid and when it’s low then expect the opposite of dry feelings.

I guess, the above question is well answered but if not clear then I will summed it up; High Moisture Is What Makes House So Humid.

What Causes High Humidity in House?

From normal indoor chores and climatic condition that’s what make humidity to be high in the house.

First and foremost, think of your cooking. What can you say about that? Heat leaving your pots or heating appliance as vapors later cooled down and settle in your house while gradually increasing humidity. More so, water leaves your bathroom in form of moisture during shower, you may not noticed the movement but they are in motion contributing to high humidity.    

More so, you run appliances such as humidifier or air conditioning to make your home comfortable. As you use them, lack of proper settings makes them to over humid your space and when you noticed that, you ignorantly reduce the speed level, not knowing the excessive moisture that escapes in the process settle somewhere around the house.

Indoor laundry is also a culprit of the problem at hand because water coming out from clothes has nowhere to go than remain inside the house especially in homes that lacks proper ventilation. 

You see, your home humidity is constantly increasing just when you think you’re carrying out normal home activities.

Apart from your personal contribution, harsh winter weather significantly add up to the problem. You and I know winter is characterized by humid air. When this air comes into homes, it comes as cold air but later transformed into moisture.   

Rain or leaks can also bring about high moisture. Take note, stagnant water or gutter that are closed to the house are sister and brother to moisture. More so, if you’re living in low temperate region, then so humid battle may become the order of the day in your house.  

What Is the Right Humidity for House?

Maintaining relative humidity is the key for ideal house humidity level. R.H% level is constant everywhere and its values lies between 30 to 60% humid level. Although, 40% is some worth seen as the least range instead of 30% in most studies. But any figure greater than 60 will definitely turn high moisture concern.  

Finally, here is the question we can’t dodge.

How to get rid of Moisture in House

If you’ll permit, I will recommend the use of a dehumidifier. For you to be seeking ways on how to remove moisture in your house, I believe the situation must have worsen. In a situation of high amount of condensation, what you need is to get rid of moisture faster while saving energy loss and this can be achieved by installing a dehumidifier in such area.  

Although, there’re alternative or natural ways to remove moisture from homes but dehumidifiers work better. This device comes in different sizes and types that can be used for different section of your building. Some are specially design for living or bedroom, some for basement and also exist for crawl space dehumidifying. 

Recent dehumidifier technology has functions such as a humidistat that provides accurate humidity level to be left as you remove the excessive portion. And so you don’t need to worry of over-dehumidifying. In addition, a press of a button and minor settings, the device is ready to pool out humid environment to relative humidity that’s ideal for human settlement.

Moving this machine is not a work, many models have castors that allow users push them across room/space to another.

In conclusion, getting moisture out of home via a dehumidifier is not expensive and proven to be more efficient and energy saving. Alternative methods may draw attention but certainly can’t be compared to dehumidifiers.   

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