5 Best Haier Dehumidifier Reviews (Recently Updated 2019)

Concerning haier dehumidifier use, many questions had been asked over and over again. Among is when to use a dehumidifier winter or summer. Basically a dehumidifier is design to collect humidity from air. If you’re having high humidity at home, there is no other appliance that can replace a dehumidifier effect in removing water.

Why people want an answer if summer or winter to use a dehumidifier. This is a major concern. Generally winter is a dry months without humidity, this means dehumidifying will cause more dryness. On other side, summer is a period where there is increase of humidity in the home, basement, crawl space etc. This however, mean, a dehumidifier is of relatively importance during summer.

In order to maintain a friendly summer months free of excessive moisture, there are tons of best dehumidifier to pick such as the hair dehumidifier brand but lot of people would love to compare other brands for a satisfactory decision.

Haier Dehumidifier Comparison Table (Recently Updated) 2019

ImageNameNumb. Of PintCoverageRead
Haier 65 Pt Dehumidifier View Price

Haier 65 Pt

65 pint

4,500 sq. ft.

Haier 30 Pint 2 Speed HEN30ET View Price

Haier 30 Pint
2 Speed HEN30ET

30 pints

2,000 sq. ft.

Haier Energy Star 50 Pt. Dehumidifier with Smart Dry View Price

Haier 50 Pt.
with Smart Dry

50 pints

3,000 sq. ft.

Haier Energy Star 70 Pint Dehumidifier View Price

Haier Energy Star Dehumidifier

70 pints

4,500+ sq. ft.

45 Pt. Dehumidifier View Price

Haier 45 Pt

45 pints

2,500 sq. ft.


Why Pick Haier Dehumidifier

As regard high humidity reduction, we’ve carried our researched and focus group discussion testing out various dehumidifier from different brands, and we find unit from the Haier Company to be efficient and energy saving in dehumidifying. If you’re not too familiar with Haier dehumidifier then it will be informative to let you know before you pick any of their unit for your home. You know excessive humidity can lurk around anywhere in the house, like the rooms, bed and so on. And different section of the homes needs a specific unit with maximum coverage capacity. This is what Haier dehumidifiers are designed for.

They have bedroom dehumidifiers that fit into smaller spaces and also whole house dehumidifiers for drying an entire space humidity. However, you can rely on Haier dehumidifier 65 pints to deliver you from high humidity in a whole house. Likewise, for smaller areas like the rooms, a 30 pints Haier dehumidifier proves better. We have set up the comprehensive list with comparison table and reviews to ease your decision process on Haier dehumidifier selection.

Reviews Of 5 Best Haier Dehumidifiers

From the sorting, we picked 5 various products belong to the Haier Company. Each units with respective pint size and so, finding a right size model for homes will be less time taking process.

1. Haier 65 Pt Dehumidifier


This is rated 65 pints per day moisture collector and can reduced wet condition in large space. Homes measuring up to 4,500 square feet needs the power of Haier 65 pints daily humidity removal to clear out uncomfortable condensation.

No formal knowledge on how to operate the unit. It is basic to core and also comes featuring electronic controls that facilitates the process. Also found in this best Haier dehumidifier, a digital display which gives you real time operating information on device performance. Hopefully, users can access two speeds controls and also Dry Smart technology. The Smart Dry technology automatically regulates fan speed tailoring it to current home conditions with the right settings.  

The dehumidifier featured full bucket alert with lightening indicator as a reminder to empty unit tank. The front bucket design makes for easier removing and water emptying. Nevertheless, if you are like me, you can opt for the continuous drain option, because I don’t like to dispose water, continuous draining does if for me. Simply attached the hose and extent to anywhere you want water to be dump outside the house.


  • 65 pint per day
  • 24 hrs on/off timer
  • 2 speed settings
  • Digital control with display
  • Ideal for large space
  • Smart Dry auto adjust speed level to
    present home condition
  • Maybe too powerful for small rooms

2. Haier 30 Pint 2 Speed HEN30ET


The next haier in this review list can collect half of the pints size of the 65 pints unit above. Designed to remove only 30 pint from and thus great for small rooms, and personal space etc. This will certainly help you maintain all corners of your house from humidity challenge with it portable size. Has castors that let you move it around with ease and because it is not too heavy, weighing just 28 pounds, not much energy burn when transporting.

Although, designed to withdraw 30 pints but that doesn’t reduce it coverage capacity. However, if your home is 2, thousand to 2, five hundred in square feet, Haier 30 Pint is a perfect deal to help you fish out mold and mildew caused by high moisture by drying the atmosphere. In addition, comes with standard electronic controlling mode featuring two speeds settings (high and low) and adjustable humidistat. You’ll not also be left out of timer setting as it comes with 24 hour timer for on/off mode. To dispose of water, you can use manual method or continuous drain to save you from unnecessary movement.


  • 30 pints/day
  • Cast wheels
  • 24 hrs. timer
  • Two speed settings
  • An adjustable humidistat
  • Drain connection via garden hose
  • Perfect for home 2,000 – 2,500 square feet
  • Not expensive
  • Set desire humidity level via
  • Not for square feet above 2,500
  • Continuous drain hose not included

3. Haier 50 Pt Dehumidifier with Smart Dry

Haier Energy Star 50 Pt. Dehumidifier with Smart Dry

Also, highlighted in this Haier dehumidifier review is a 50 pint dehumidifier. While the previous one is 30pts/ day, this however, comes with 20 pint higher capacity making it ideal for homes above 2,500 square feet. Customizing your prefer humidity isn’t an issue, the Smart dry setting option was designed handle that for you. This function intelligently sense the level of humidity present in your house. When it’s high it turns on reducing the amount and when comfortable level reaches, turns off immediately. There is also alternative fan speed option such high and low mode and as such, you can choose accordingly.

Another intelligent feature is an Auto restart function which Turn ON haier 50 pint dehumidifier in a situation of power outage without losing saved settings. For people living in areas where temperature can drop as low as 41 degree due to high humidity build, Haier 50 pint/day can work in such situation without being affected. Thanks the auto-defrost setting that prevents humidity build up.

Very friendly device that easy to use. For instance, bucket located in front and easy to access. Automatic shut off for full bucket and alarm indicator informing to empty condensation. It also support garden hose connection for uninterrupted water disposing. Furthermore, caster wheels leverage transportation hassle-free.


  • 2 speed fan
  • Smart dry mode
  • Auto restart
  • Auto defrost
  • Continuous drain
  • Full bucket alert
  • Castor wheels  
  • Automatic defrost prevents humidity
    build up
  • Restart if there is power
    interruption while maintaining previous settings
  • Makes noise

4. Haier 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Haier Energy Star 70 Pint Dehumidifier

If you want to remove more moisture per day than you need a higher moisture capacity dehumidifier which Haier dehumidifier 70 pint is manufactured to handle. Although, all of the previous haier dehumidifiers reviewed are efficient but are behind on pint capacity compared to this 70 pint/day model. With this high pint rating, more wetness is collected from air at a reduced energy cost. Also you only need to empty water once daily compare to smaller units that requires frequent emptying unless you are using a continuous draining.

Why you dehumidify, be at peace, many features available for easy operation.  Drain continuously freeing yourself trouble of going to remove buckets for water to be pour out. Power outage is also not a concern with the 70 pint haier dehumidifier because it comes with automatic restarting to remove shorting coming of power interruption. Thus restart once electricity returns while operating with initial humidity settings. More so, you can make use of haier 70pts dehumidifier in high humidity prone environment, thanks to the auto-defrost that protects the unit. Many safety features are equipped in this device, picking this dehumidifier will help you most in summer days of high humidity.


  • Mobility castors
  • 24 hour timer (on/off)
  • 70 pint daily capacity unit
  • Two speed and drain option
  • Full bucket indicator and shut off
  • Automatic restart and defrosting
  • Ideal for 4,500+ square feet home
  • Front bucket for easy accessing
  • Designed to restart during power
  • Pricey compare to other units

5. Haier 45 Pt Dehumidifier

45 Pt. Dehumidifier

Haier 45 pint dehumidifier is equally equipped with a maximum of 40 pint humidity to be extracted from homes daily. If you are constantly having issues of mugginess and damp atmosphere in a home up to 3,000 square feet, we advise you try a 45 pint dehumidifier from Haier. This unit comes easy with necessary moisture removing features. You’ll never hassle to empty water. You can either use a manual tank or continuous drain, the choice to drain however depends on your need.

Caster wheels installed helps to transport haier dehumidifier 45 pint around. You can as well choose from a two speed fan and also smart dry fan settings, maintain optimal humidity level for you. How can this be achieved? Turns on when humidity is higher above normal and stops working once ideal home level is reached. The basic features required from a dehumidifier of its capacity such as auto shut off, alarming for full bucket, digital displays, electronic controls are available. But if you want more advanced features like self-restarting and defrost, you may need to consider the 50 pint and 70 pint unit respectively.   


  • 2 fan speed
  • Remove 45 pint/ day
  • 24 hours timer
  • Smart Dry settings
  • 6 feet cord plug length
  • Not expensive
  • Great for small room’s humidity
  • Only removes forty pint in a day

Final Words

High humidity can damage your home property. Your carpet, wooden chairs, wall paper etc. will lose integrity. You and your family health will also be at risk in the presence of molds and mildew. These are allergens that can irritate the immune system and the odor coming from them can degenerate to prolong illness. However, dehumidifier such as of Haier brand discussed here are designed to protect homes from excessive moisture. In as much you want to stay comfortable in high summer humidity installing a dehumidifier is a step forward.  This haier dehumidifier reviews are supposed to be a navigator and should help you decide for those wanting a unit from the Haier Company.

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