The Friedrich D70BP Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier Review

The Friedrich D70BP Energy Star 70-Pint Dehumidifier ReviewFriedrich Company is known to manufacturing good quality air conditions and other home air improvement devices. They are however into making of dehumidifiers unit and among consumers they have some of the top rated models that can take out moisture from high spacious environment. This Friedrich D70BP Energy Star is also one product from this company know for its customers satisfying need. The Friedrich D70BP model is a huge capacity 70-pint dehumidifier installed with the newest technology and design.

It is a machine readily reduce unwanted humidity from the air and at the same time to reduce odour and bacteria from the moist air so that you can stay in comfort.

This floor mount unit has received an exceptional higher percentage of positive customers ratings amidst competitive brands . The D70BP model comes with a great features and specifications.

Features Of Friedrich D70BP Energy Star

1. Continuous Drainage Pump

Friedrich D70BP can extract up to 70 pints of wetness from home air. The D70BP also has a build-in drain pump that can pump both horizontally and vertically up to the distance of approximately 15 feet. The drainage system can work continuously and the levels of the humidity can be set manually or automatically from 30% to 90% depending on what you want.

2. Energy Saver

Friedrich Energy Star effectively reduces level of moist at minimal energy. It is so easy to operate and also keeps the utility bill to a minimum level. The dehumidifier gives you more control over the percentage of the levels of the humidity. Also with fully automation, it can turn on automatically if your environment humidity levels get low or high according to the settings.

3. Automatic and Safety Features

This dehumidifier has control buttons and are easy to access.  In addition, Auto shutdown, auto restart, Defrost and 24-hour timer is also located at the display panel for effortless operation. The auto restart is a useful feature. If by accidentally the dehumidifier interrupt any power outage, the auto restart features helps the units to return to its default settings and start again. And if you manually turn off and then start the dehumidifier it will start to work at its max level. The fan cycles at the highest speed. The auto defrost will work in the cold places like garages and basement and capable of dehumidifying them.

4. Eco- Friendly and More Efficient

This unit is Eco-friendly and efficient. It can be programmed to control the humidity level preferred.  The build-in pump works continuously to drain out the water saving you time to do other things. This unit also displays the humidity level in the room and the current room temperature. It also had a removable bucket with the handle if you want to drain out manually.


  • Built-in pump
  • High Quality control panel
  • Large Water tank (16.2 pints)
  • Separate temp. Display
  • Continuous drainage system


  • Some possible issues with the unit’s durability
  • A bit noisier.
  • Isn’t very portable

In Conclusion

It is an energy efficient dehumidifier and fully automatic. This comes with the 1 year parts and labour warranty and five year warranty for the sealed system. This unit is more expensive than other 70-pint dehumidifier, but it also has some great features and saves the bills too.

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