Best Small Portable Air Conditioner For Camping Reviews & Guide – 2019

If you camp a lot, the summer days won’t be friendly to stay in. This period is characterized by excessive heat as such you’ll feel hotter unlike winter that feels colder – To get along while maximizing your outing with friends or family, getting the best small portable air conditioner for camping is worth the budget. This device reduces warmer air down to a comfortable condition especially if the model you’ve is the best one. Unfortunately, air conditioners where originally designed for indoor use but need had come for you to get an outdoor unit for camping purpose. Nursing this mentality, you will be totally disappointed as you’ll be left with no choice rather concludes, there are no types that can be used for outdoor events.

Nevertheless, the growth in technology had made it possible to camp with an air conditioning unit. What does this mean? There are advanced air conditioning devices such as the one we analyzed as our best camping air conditioners that can also do the work of an air coolers. In order words, you can switch from an air conditioning mode to just cool air releasing. With this working principle, you’ve nothing to worry about in your next camping because investing on a unit guarantees air cooling demand.  

Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner
Best Small Portable Air Conditioner For Camping Guide
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• 3 speed levels
• LED Light
• Rechargeable
• AC + Air Cooler + Fan + Humidifier
DeLonghi PACN135EC 3-in-1
Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner Cooler Fan
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• 550 sq. ft. capacity
• 3 speeds fan settings
• 12 hour on/off timer
• AC + Fan + Dehumidifier
• Handles and castor wheels
Colzer 14,000 BTUS Portable
Colzer 14,000 BTUS Portable Air Conditioner
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• 500 sq. ft.
• Remote
• Castor wheels
• Can be mount on window
• Installation kits included
• Washable filter
• AC+ Heater + Dehumidifier + Air cooler
Portable Air Conditioner 4 in 1
Portable Air Conditioner 4 in 1 Small Personal USB Air Cooler Check Price on Amazon

• LED night
• 3.5 tank
• 6 hours runs time
• Purifier + Air Cooler + AC + Humidifier
SereneLife 8,000 BTU
Portable Air Conditioner 4 in 1 Small Personal USB Air Cooler Check Price on Amazon

• 225 sq. feet.
• 8, 000 BTU
• Remote
• Optional window mount
• Dehumidifier + Air conditioner + Fan

Reviews of 5 Best Small Portable Air Conditioner for Camping  

Starting, is the comparative chart guide. This quickly highlight area of interest features for side by side comparison.  Glancing through saves time but it’s wise to read individual reviews unless you’re on fast track day.   

Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner Cooler Fan

With a lot of competitive units on the market, we still scale through bringing to your notice one of the top notch quality AC for camping.

The size and weight will favor your trip conveniently. Because big footprint unit is going to be load, as such MiKikin has no rival on the list when it comes to portability.

This rechargeable appliance double as a humidifier and fan system even though it is an air conditioner. It comes with three speed selection options and LED light display. Though you want it for outdoor activities but doesn’t mean, you should stay in a noisy environment, thanks to the ultra-quiet operation that provides serene atmosphere.

DeLonghi PACN135EC 3-in-1 Air Conditioner

DeLongi is our best pick for large areas coverage, the maker says it can cool areas measuring up to 550 square feet. Installed with mobility castors and also with handles that makes it easier to lift around.

All the packed features are user friendly. Talk about easy electronic controls, adjustable thermostat, light display and multiple speed controlling. It come with on/off timer that lets you set unit working duration. In addition, to freedom and convenient operation, this DeLonghi comes with a remote system.

Fan mode is what we recommend for camping usage while air dehumidifying and air conditioning should be used at the indoor level. As a dehumidifier, collects up to 7 gallon condensation in span of 24 hour hours. The dark gray color is another anesthetics that blends in any home décor and offers easy clean, wiping with mild cloth and water is the only thing required.

Colzer 14,000 BTUS Portable Conditioner

Colzer is our next recommendation suitable for personal space camping areas air desire. As small as Colzer, it boast of 14,000 btu’s that delivers fast cooling compared to the previous units. The capacity is sufficient to calm you down in coverage area  of 350 – 500 sq. feet room. Also a nice piece for office settings, large apartment, cabin and more. For party celebration, like that of a round table get together, this can be place on the middle to supply cool air. The 4-in-1 device is an all-around the year device. For hotter summer, air conditioning, air cooler or fan mode will definitely take temperature down.

While for cold winter, the heater mode warm up cold air to room temperature. Last but not the least function is dehumidification mode that takes out excessive humidity. This piece of air cool machine also serve as window ac. Most relevantly, all what is required for installation is included in the shipping. Also, comes with manual for quick set up installation. You don’t need an expert, detail instructions and steps are shown on the manual. While there are other top features available on amazon, this however account for a heavy price tag. If you don’t have a good budget, we recommend you go for a lesser unit.

Portable Air Conditioner 4 in 1 Small Personal USB Air Cooler

Staying out there in the hot weather while camping is going to make your moment discomforting. You can live cool and calm running this small portable personal air conditioner. This four-in-one design can be used as AC, air cooler, humidifier or as air purifier. But for camp purpose, we recommend the air cooler mode for fresh air delivery.

More so, if you’re looking for a unit to travel with, this also meet a nice air conditioning unit to consider. The small design account for its space saving and ease of transporting. The handle located at the top of the unit grants you more privilege to move it around effortlessly. This device is renowned for low energy consumption and a reduced noise level. The versatile speed controls let you customize air delivery. It come with 3.5 tank size which last the Anbber up to six hours in one refill. It come with LED light but however lacks remote which means, manual operating mode.

SereneLife 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This floor mount has the capacity to bail you out of hot air faster by engaging its 8,000 BTU power. It functions as a dehumidifier for removing humid air, fan to cool yourself and also AC making SereneLife a useful machine all through the year. Whether for outdoor activities or you are living in a room up to 250 sq. feet, this last but not the least air improvement appliance is going to be helpful to you.

Apart from ground placement, you can decide to install the 3-in-1 unit on a window. All what you need for the complete installation comes with the purchase. It include a remote control to access the features from any close range. Most relevantly, we like the lightweight, sleek body built and handle for easy mobility. Nevertheless, this lacks castors and operates with noise level of 55 – 57Db. This is one of the most expensive unit in this small portable air conditioner for camping in this discussion.

Small Portable Air Conditioner For Camping Buying Guide

Since you have made up your mind to look for an efficient camping air conditioner unit, here are few aspect to put into consideration for getting the right one.

Size of the unit

Dimension and weight is a weighty factor if you want the best model that’ll fit into your outing. Too big size and heavy nature is highly prohibited. Something that is portable and weightless such as this measuring 7.1 x 5.5 x 5 inches in dimension and weighing at least 3 pounds  best describes every other products designed for get-together outdoor meeting.

Cooling Efficiency

Every air conditioner is designed with cooling capacity. This is however measure in British Thermal units or BTU’s. What btu mean is the quantity of energy used up while increasing temperature of 1 pounds in degree Fahrenheit.

You can also see it as the measure of energy required to get rid of heat from the air. In reality, a higher btu’s (British thermal unit) means more power to cool a room faster.

You can check our previous post to find out more about btu measurement and room specification here.

Energy Consumption Level

No too much concern about energy consumption rate when it comes to small ac units. They generally use up few amount of energy because of the limited areas they cover as such you can rely on portable air conditioners in the summer as they save a lot compare to whole house innovation.

To understand energy efficiency of an AC system, it is measure in Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). For example, if you’ve a unit with EER of 20 is far more efficient to a device featuring 10 EER. In this context, the higher the less energy to be consumed and vice versa.

If you need to pick an AC unit today, endeavor to choose a device that qualify for Energy Star. This is usually seen on the unit body or the manual guide.

Noise Level

This is measured in decibel (dB). From our researches and consumer reports, central air conditioners are the loudest than portable ac system. Considering the noise level is necessary if you want to sleep well at night or want to install it in your baby room.

A unit with a reduced dB sound will make a great deal for quiet environment. But one thing you should know, sound level varies from unit to unit as such, you need to specifically check for this requirement. Generally a low dB values of 38 is quieter than a higher one of 50 dBA.   

Additional Features

If you were able find the above requirement in a particular product, checking for extra features such as remote control, automatic shut off and auto on/off timer is worth the patient. For instance, the remote will let you control the device right from your seat or bed without getting up every time and likewise other features with their respective functions.

Castors and handles are other notable things to have in a portable ac unit. These allow for ease of use anywhere, effortlessly moving it across your facility.


We believe our discussion on these small portable air conditioners for camp features the best products and also with other relevant aspect, finding the right one to cool you won’t be difficult.  

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