Best 9 Mini Air Cooler Review 2020 Guide & Recommendation

It is a normal thing to feel hot in the summer months due to high temperature climate. If you’re experiencing this climate characteristics finding a way to cool body down is a solution. Many cooling options are available but air coolers have been tested to be more efficient. However on the market there are different sizes of air coolers. There are whole house air coolers and those designed for large rooms cooling. If you live in small space, portable models is worth the prize as they are space saving and easy to carry about due to their less bulky built. This mini air cooler review featured some best and budget friendly choices. 

Top 9 Best Portable Mini Air Cooler Comparison

Products Name
Ontel Arctic Air CoolerMini Air Cooler Review & Buying Guide CHECK PRICE
  • 45 sq. ft.
  • 8 hr operation
  • Ultra quiet
  • Manual included
  • 7 color optional LED light
  • It cools, purifies or humidifies
Auka Personal Air Cooler Auka Personal Air Cooler CHECK PRICE
  • 3 speed fan
  • 4 hr operation
  • USB port
  • 3-in-1-built
  • Reduced noise level
Mini Air Ice CoolerMini Air Ice Cooler CHECK PRICE
  • Water pump
  • Auto shut off
  • Water indicator
  • Adjustable wind direction
  • Multi-layer filter
  • Ice cube compartment
  • Cools, purify and humidify
Personal USB Evaporative CoolersPersonal Air USB Evaporative Coolers CHECK PRICE
  • USB charging
  • 7 LED colors display
  • Use ice or ice water
  • Ultra whisper running nice of babies rooms
Portable Air Cooler Personal Space Portable Fan Air Conditioner For Personal Desk Space CHECK PRICE
  • Large tank
  • 3 fan speeds
  • 3.5 hr. operation
  • 7 LED colors
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise
  • Use ice or ice water
Sunbond Portable Air FanSunbond Portable Air Conditioner CHECK PRICE
  • 5-in-1-operation
  • Use outdoor or indoor
  • Quiet for personal spaces
  • USB charging
  • Charging cable include
ToysUkids Mini Air CoolerToysUkids Mini Air Humidifier Cooler CHECK PRICE
  • Use as fan or humidifier
  • 8 hour operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Charged with USB
  • Environmental friendly
  • Less bulky to carry
DOUHE Cooler with Ice Tray DOUHE Air Cooler with Ice Tray CHECK PRICE
  • Support essential oil
  • Nice for car use as well
  • Three speeds air control
  • Work in humidity less than 60%
BASEIN 2019 Air Cooler FanBASEIN 2019 Latest Personal Air Cooler Fan CHECK PRICE
  • Last up to 6.5 hours
  • 3.5 water size capacity
  • Leak proof construction
  • Low energy use up
  • Super quiet operation
  • 12 months warranty

Best 9 Portable Mini Air Cooler Review 2020

1. Ontel Arctic Personal Air Cooler

This let you create comfort zone by releasing cool air in your surroundings. Ontel is an ideal choice for those looking for a personal space mini air cooling device. The table top design has the capacity to remove warm air from rooms while replacing it with cool to feel air. As small as it is, has a purification power – the air cleaning mode helps you purify air. In addition, function as a humidifier which is a plus especially for increasing humidity level during winter.

It comes with a reasonable tank size that powers the unit for up to eight hours of operation. Most importantly, this cool air appliance is energy efficient, as such no excessive electric bills. It comes featuring LED light with 7 colors which you can choose from to compliment your night sleep.

The compact and portable miniature cooler runs quietly but the major concern is the space coverage of 45 square feet. Nevertheless it is cheap and incorporate easy to refill tank and also Freon free. Before using this device, ensure to read the manual.  

2. Auka Personal Air Cooler

This handle design is another wonderful mini cooler nice for personal space use. Though it’s a perfect piece for room, nevertheless, if you’re looking for a unit for student apartment, dorm, office or outdoor fresh air demand choosing Auka is worth no argument. This personal air conditioner has 3 speed fan controlling mode, as such customization is possible.

Apart from air circulation, you can as well purify your home air with Auka personal air cooler. More so, switch to humidification mode if you’re experiencing low humidity at home to prevent dry air known for causing dry skin, sinuses and other problems.

This device can be plugin into standard home wall socket or USB ports as the case maybe. Unfortunately, this mini air cooler has a lesser running time of 4 hours compare to Ontel of 8hrs. However the handles installed in this unit, makes it flexible to carry about particularly for vacation purpose. The small desktop construction quietly operates. Other features includes adjustable-air-outlet and empty tank indicator.

3. Air Ice Cooler, Air Mini Humidifier & Purifier

This also comes portable in size and offer three-in-one-operation. The function include evaporative cooling, air humidifying and air purification. All of these functionality put together doesn’t mean it’s a hefty price tag. You can get this small footprint air quality improvement device below $50.

The noiseless fan in this mini hot air cooler provides serene dwelling surrounding. You can use this machine in different places such as bedroom, RV, office, desktop, close range area, outdoors etc.

There is also a water pump that blows output in order to prevent water from settling down around where the device is mounted and also for even space cooling. Though, the air released might be as cool like the one released by an air conditioner.

However, to achieve a better cooling degree, endeavor to add ice cube inside the ice compartment during operation. Furthermore, the tank is equipped with silica gel that prevents water leakages which is one big problems in most competitive units.

4. Personal Air USB Evaporative Coolers

Progressively in this cool air reviews, comes another personal space air cooler. This has the capacity to fast cool hot air while alternating 3 speeds fans to suit your comfort. The personal side fan lets you add ice water or ice cube into the reservoir to speedy up temperature cooling. This is however, the second unit featuring this functionality in this mini air cooler reviews.

The multiple functions is another considerable factors to purchase this appliance because you’ll able to cool your space, clean dirty air and also add humidity respectively.

The quiet built is a nice way to add cool breeze to children or kids rooms without waking them up. Though, work greatly in adult and office environment too as such you’ll find it helpful in multi-rooms use, thanks to the small size.

It come with LED light up to 7 colors and USB charging port. This evaporative air cooler is energy sufficient, so picking this for the hot summer you won’t spent much on cooling bills.

5. Portable Fan Air Conditioner For Personal Desk Space

Moving further in this personal mini air coolers is another unit we saw nice for your judgment. With 7 colors you can choose what compliments your room. This lightening is optional, that is you can decide to turn it ON and OFF if you so wish. As a table top device, the manufacturer looked into size in the unit design without requiring much space. Whether for office or home use, there is no limitation to wherever you want. The lightweight built allow for easy carriage from one place to another meeting your precise location. In addition, super quiet technology promote peaceful and comfortable night sleep.

The quality of this product is 100% because it has been tested and confirmed to meet quality control standard before it was introduce to the market. Nevertheless, in case of unforeseen challenges, the product comes with 100% money refund policy as such covered and rest assured you’re getting valued for your investment. This portable air conditioner fan uses improved technology such as wind mechanism of vaporizing cooling for natural cooled air that’s mild on the body.

6. Sunbond Portable Air Conditioner

While some of the previous products are designed for only indoor utilization. This Sunbond defer this constrain as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor. So if you’re in need of something that meet these two aforementioned places, never slack out of this mini sized unit that offers cools breeze.

This will serves you as air conditioner, evaporative air cooler or raising indoor humidity levels. More so, can be run like ordinary fan and also act as air purifier system. All these properties mentioned don’t mean the device is a costly unit, so you shouldn’t scared of checking it if at all you like it.

The 5-in-1 functional machine featured three speed level controls and USB that let you charge it. It comes with the charging cable that’s saves you money to order for it separately. Really like the simple and weightless construction. I also cherish the reduced noise that discourages noise pollution.

7. ToysUkids Mini Air Humidifier Cooler

Spending time in hot summer period is no longer a problem, it is a solved solution using ToysUkids. This exceptional mini device will calm you down irrespective of how hot your home temperature can rise to because ToysUkids is engineered for extreme high temperature lowering.

The portable design featured easy to access switch buttons for friendly operation. The top water spillage is a nice way to manage summer hot air without you spending much on energy tariffs. It comes with large water tank capacity and the tank is easy to refill, no hassle or stress. The multi-purpose offers you options, if you decide not to add water, it work as fan producing cool air.

More or less, also a humidifier to provide you humidity during winter days. Most relevantly, for more coolness in your space, add ice water and get an output like air conditioning machine. The noise level increases proportionally with increase in fan speed level. Notwithstanding, a low speed leads to a decrease in noise which is nice for night time operation.

8. DOUHE Air Cooler with Ice Tray

If the items reviewed so far are yet to draw your attention, I guess this subsequent products manufactured by DOUHE is here to attract you. Robustly deigned with all the needed things required for cool air desire. The unit center of focus include allergens trapping filter that guarantees fresher and purer air. The filter is a washable model and easy to clean.

The side attraction also extends to air diffusing with a few drop of essential oil and among all the various mini air coolers discussed, this is the only unit that support the use of aroma liquid placing it at no rival. Moving further, ice tray accommodate a good amount of ice for more chilling air to feel. This 3 speed control air producing appliance is great for homes, car use including office desk.

The portable looking appearance is easy to store and move anywhere you want the fresh air. This also consume less electricity like some of the products seen earlier and work best in climates housing humidity levels <60%.  Also, this air humidifier turns off when tank is empty while smart water refill indicator informs you to add liquid.

9. BASEIN 2019 Latest Personal Air Cooler Fan

Rounding up our best mini air coolers reviews and guide come Basein. This product work more than conditioning of air, it also purifies and humidifies too. The size is space conserving and nice for those living in small apartment or want cool feel breeze in tight office. From a large tank design, this evaporative hot air cooler runs continuously up to 7 hours before the next refill.

If you are looking for a mini air cooler for travel, we highly recommend this latest air cooler version from Basein brand. It very compact and light weight as such won’t add weight to your languages. Even though you want to run AC doesn’t mean you should break your wallet, a mini air such as this helps you cut down on power consumption cost.  

The Top 9 Best Mini Air Cooler Discussion  

During the summer when it gets hotter indoor, your thought goes to how to cool down. Surprising aspect, many don’t even care about energy bills that will be used up until their order arrives.

At this time, you your eyes become clear that your expenses does not only involved the actual unit purchasing cost but also includes running cost. Nevertheless, we’re here to tell you about the good news, that it is possible to cool your home while saving cash.

Our research made it possible to come up with this personal cooling unit also referred to as mini air cooler. Even if this small unit cannot cover your entire house but you’ll find it useful in personal space area.

They greatly fit into small rooms, offices, student’s rooms, dorm, RV’s and more. After market purchase, they come friendly to use as no extra installation require, out of the box with little set-up following the manual, you’re on the go to cool your house.

When shopping around for this device on the market, you will stumble on 2 major categories such as the small portable cooling model and the personal area units.

Whether personal space unit or small portable coolers, both are called evaporative coolers and they work in similar way. What differentiate them is the unit size and the coverage limit. However, their working principle require them extracting hot air from your space, then pass it through the water tank. The final cool moisture is released into the air reducing high temperature in rooms or personal space.

While the whole house cooler for home are expensive, the mini type comes inexpensive as such our best mini air cooler reviews list are affordable.    

Final Words

Wrapping up this article, we say our reviews of 9 air coolers where subjected to consumer reports, features, ups and draw back and also price factors. These also followed testing up few of the highlighted coolers for the best. It is not a most you find what will work for you from the list, as such you can check other resources but we’re confident about what will offer here.  

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