Best Industrial Dehumidifier Reviews and Discussion

An industrial dehumidifier is the type of dehumidifier manufactured for larger areas humidity control. Industrial units can also be referred to as commercial dehumidifiers due their capacity. However industry base units may not be visible compared to the common household or office models but that doesn’t mean they are not in existence. If you’re working for a company or managing your personal industry and you’re so concerned on how to get rid of excessive moisture from your sector especially during the winter, the very solution is to pick a dehumidifier design for industrial environment. This type has a higher pint capacity of more than 70 pints which is the highest pints level usually found in most whole house unit sizes. Although, some of the basic home units can reach up to 100 pints but doesn’t mean they can be substituted for units that are design for industrial sector humidity removing.

One major features that makes industry rated dehumidifier differ is the heavy duty and rugged construction that withstand temperature as low as 41 degree Fahrenheit while being exposed to high humidity. With an industry rated units you don’t need to start emptying tank manually because they come handy with continuous drain option that transport condensation directly into a waste water reservoir or drainage system.

In addition, industrial dehumidifiers are equipped with high end features not commonly seen on your everyday house model and so make them to be more expensive than regular units.  Although it might not be totally feasible in determining the area of the industry to be dehumidified due to variable factors such as vents but approximately, a number of pint level can still be calculated. However, one unit may not be enough to cover an industry no matter how small the size of the area. This means more dehumidifiers is expected to be place in strategic location if you want the humidity levels to be managed properly. Places such as schools, hotels, shopping centers/mall, garages, and financial institution with high levels of humidity should consider installing an industrial dehumidifier to curb the excessive humidity.

With the above information, our experts have researched and listed out some of the best unit for industrial environment dehumidification and we advised you take a look at them with understanding below.

Dehumidifier Comparison Chart: Quick Guide

If you’re in haste with less time to go through the entire post, no worries. Here is a quick comparison guide that’ll show you some of top features of each of the units discussed here. With this list, you can quickly compare and make decision on time aiming at the best one for you.

Pint Capacity
#1. Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR
80 Pint
17 litres
12.5 x 21.5 x 12.5
#2. Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial
145 Pint
18 litres
20 x 19.5 x 32
#3. Dri-Eaz LGR 7000Xli
235 Pint
29 litres
19 x 20 x 32
#4. Perfect Aire 1PACD150
150 Pint
19 litres
19 x 20 x 32
#5. Ideal-Air Commercial Grade
100 Pint
20 litres
24 x 26 x 16
#6. Maxxair UPS 140-Pint
140 Pint
18 litres
20 x 28 x 18

Our 6 Best Industrial Dehumidifier Reviews for Commercial Environments

1. Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Industrial Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Industrial Dehumidifier

The revolution LGR is an industry and commercial standard dehumidifying machine design by the Dri-Eaz brand. The Company specializes in heavy duty unit for high humidity drying. The compact size can also be used in crawl spaces and in the basement to reduce humidness. This humidity removal has a unit dimension of 12.5 x 21.5 x 12.5 making it fit smaller spaces such as your stores, stairwells, stacks and bathrooms as well.

Most relevantly, design to work in spaces ranging up to 7,000 (Seven thousand) square feet and has the capacity of 80pints moisture removal per day. Its compact size allows for easy transporting and stacks for storage when not in use. The blue colored unit comes with many features such as built-in digital humidistat, automatic pump option and a touch control panel system that displays input and output temperature level in real time.

For peace of mind to prospective buyers, this unit polyethylene housing case is backed up with a limited warranty while 6yrs on coil and compressor. In addition, a year labor and parts which starts counting from the time of purchase. To sum up this unit review, if you’re looking for a machine for water damage restoration, this USA based manufactured dehumidifier is one best solution to consider.

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2. Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

Yet another industry dehumidifier from the same brand of the previous unit discussed. The Dri-Eaz 1200 refrigerant dehumidifier has the power to dehumidify up to 145 pints in 24 hours at saturation. This unit was tested by the Association of Home Appliances and had been certified to work well even in high humidity surrounding of 60% and 80 degree Fahrenheit. It also feature temperature settings starting from 33 to 100 degrees F and uses only 6.4A on 115 voltage electricity supply.

Furthermore, the unit process air using a force of about 227 cubic ft. per minute. One unique thing about this machine, it features a language display screen with up to 4 languages such as English, French, German and Spanish. This means this unit is perfect for use in these countries or by these set of people who understands the aforementioned means of communication.  The maker installed this unit with two big wheels and handle which makes Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier easy to move round your working place to restore dryness in your environment.

More so, the 1200 Dri-Eaz has an inbuilt duct ring attachment with polyvinyl ducting design by the maker and this aid the control of air flow and efficiency. The 18 gallon per day device feature a very thick and strong rotomolded polyethylene damage resistant body case. However with the pump out system you’ll able to remove humidity faster. You can visit amazon for other concern you may be having about Dri-Eaz 1200 revolution model.  

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3. Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi Commercial Dehumidifier

Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLi Commercial Dehumidifier

So far, Dri-Eaz brand of dehumidifier is topping the list of industrial dehumidifier reviews. This LGR 7000Xli is another impressive model from them. It is design to take out excess moist air from commercial settings and large industry. More so, the 20 by 20 by 33.5 inches unit comes portable with wheels and handles that allow you move LGR 7000 to get rid of water where ever you want with ease.

Even though it has a weight of 107 pounds, it doesn’t matter because you will not be carrying it but rather pulling via the handle while the wheels roll flexibly.  In addition, integrated with an industrial pump for real time humidity elimination. With this portable industrial dehumidifier you are guarantee of withdrawing up to 29 gallons capacity of water. And also, up to 130 pints in a day while operating with environment condition of 80o F and 60 percent relative humidity. The energy rated industrial dehumidifier draws approximately 8.3amps from a standard 115voltage supply power source. Furthermore, process air circulation at the rate of 325 which is a bit higher compare to the first two units reviewed earlier.

Also available, a humidistat that auto regulate humidity levels for optimal RH% surrounding. It also features humidity sensor that detects parameters performance and auto adjustment of fan speeds to suitable level. The body is constructed with water resistant polyethylene materials for unit protection and longevity. More so, feature a wireless technology that enable Dri-Eaz LGR 7000Xli to digitally track site conditions and the performance of equipment’s only when use with  HygroTac Remote Monitoring system which is sold separately.

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4. Perfect Aire 1PACD150 Damp2Dry Commercial Dehumidifier

Perfect Aire 1PACD150 Damp2Dry Commercial Dehumidifier

This unit is spotting out the number fourth place in our best dehumidifiers for industrial environment use. Although the design look almost similar to some of the Dri-Eaz brand but certainly they are from different manufactures for you not to mistake them. The damp dry device takes out 150 pints daily from water damage places while restoring it to dry state. And also discharge off up to 19 gallons/per day so you’re assure of 24hour moisture removal to protect your business and also the health of your workers inclusive.

This unit comes with a 40 feet hose for continuous draining. The panel design feature allow user to get quick access to the pump to get the unit to work on time while users concentrate on most important jobs. In addition to the features, the unit is equipped with auto defrost function and replaceable washable filters. The handle and tires equipped in this Perfect Aire dehumidifier makes usage simpler. You can check more details from the product page for more information.

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5. Ideal-Air Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

Ideal-Air Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

This Ideal air commercial grade unit has moisture outtake of 100 pints per day. It comes with overall weight of 73.5 pounds and dimension of 24 x 26 x 16 inches. It is equipped with caster wheels and a supporting handle to facilitate quick movement around your organization.

There are plenty of friendly features in this Idea Air that see to the reduction of humidity level. For instance, it has auto-restart that makes it possible for users to use the unit with humidity controllers. In addition, temperature and current humidity condition can be read out via the digital display. With defrost function this unit can works in area as low as 45 degree Fahrenheit. More so, constructed with industry grade metals and also coated to withstand corrosion.

Also features a powerful compressor that provides strength to the unit for efficient performance. The energy star rated device featured a removable and washable filter making it one of the low cost effective industrial dehumidifier on the market. Should in case you decide to purchase this product, ensure to power it with a surge protector.

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6. Maxxair UPS 140-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier

Maxxair UPS 140-Pint Bucketless Portable Dehumidifier

MaxxAir is another dehumidifying machine for commercial environment standards engineered to removes excess moisture. This unit removes 140 pints per day moisture and also come with automatic water pumping system featuring a hose to empty out water without your consent.

This unit does not require any installation likewise the rest of the dehumidifier reviewed on this page. Just unlock it out of the box, position it where you want to dehumidify. Plug it and choose desire settings and its ready for use.

Portability is another feature that makes the unit stand out among competitive units. The size, handle and mobility 10 inch wheels allow different location use. You can purchase this device with peace of mind as you’ll be getting active customer supports directly from the manufacturer department based in Texas. Apart from that, it is also back up with one year warranty. 

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What’s more?

To remind you again, high moisture is the bed rock for mold, mildew, fungi growth and other health threatened allergens. These mentioned problems are not only limited to home only but also extends to any environments encroached by excessive humidity. More so, industries whose activities are related to mental work or making of metal related components are at high risks of losing their products in the presence of high moisture content. These are some of the reasons why head of industries needs to sit back and think out the best possible ways to protecting their items from the menace of humidity.

However reducing humidity levels has been one of the major practice that has proven to work over the years and still working out today with the help of dehumidifiers designed for industrial settings. And we believe that our reviews and guide on the best industrial dehumidifier had made shopping for one easier and time saving for consumers.   

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