Top 5 Best Evaporative Cooler Reviews 2020 & Consumer Reports

Do you know that the best evaporative cooler can be used both indoor and outdoor? If you don’t know before now, the answer is YES. You don’t need to purchase a separate unit for outdoor or indoor use. Investing in an evaporative cooler that is designed for inside and outside use can save you money for a separate unit. Do you also know that the best evaporative air coolers are energy efficient? The energy rating is one reason why people shop for this cooling device compared to the air conditioning unit. If you want to save more money on energy cooling bills especially during the summer, finding low energy consumption makes hot temperature cool machines from evaporative cooler review discussion is a solution to reducing the cooling bill.

Are you also aware that evaporative air coolers also known as swamp coolers are safe for health? Because they use only water without chemicals, you are 100% protected from carcinogenic substances and other respiratory problems. More so the filter that comes with them filter out water base allergens, especially the activated carbon models oxidizes impurities leaving you with fresh feel cool air devoid of health-threatening agents. If you are looking forward to installing a unit in your facility, endeavor to read through our evaporative cooler reviews below. Every detail to help you pick the best models is what we’ve also discussed, as such our reviews on evaporative coolers are a complete guide.

Best Evaporative Cooler Comparison

Product Name
COSTWAY Air Cooler Portable COSTWAY Air Cooler Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Recommendation
Check Price on Amazon
  • Castors
  • Remote
  • 6 liter tank
  • Washable filters
  • 3 adjustable speed fan
  • Horizontal or vertical air swing mode
  • Works as fan system, evaporative cooler or humidifying

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COSTWAY Air Cooler Portable Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air Cooler for 750 sq. ft. Check Price on Amazon
  • 2 speed
  • 3,100 cfm
  • Energy efficient
  • 750 – 950 sq. feet
  • 10.3 gallon reservoir
  • Polyethylene molded body
  • Connection to continuous water supply

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NewAir AF-310 Portable Evaporative Air NewAir AF-310 Portable Evaporative Air Fan and Humidifier Check Price on Amazon
  • Space saving
  • 150 sq. feet
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • It can function as humidifier, tower fan and swamp cooler

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Cajun Kooling CK4500 EvaporativeCajun Kooling CK4500 Evaporative Air Cooler High Power Check Price on Amazon
  • 1,200 sq. feet
  • 4,500 cfm
  • Remote
  • 3 speed control
  • Louvers design
  • Up to 8 operation
  • 32 gallon reservoir size
  • Low noise of 60dB(A)
  • Weatherproof construction

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Frigidaire EC300W-FA Portable Air Frigidaire EC300W-FA Portable Evaporative Air Humidifier Check Price on Amazon
  • 640 square ft
  • 600 cfm
  • 5 gallon tank
  • 4 speed settings
  • Energy efficient
  • Two-One-Design

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1. COSTWAY Air Cooler Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Recommendation

Best Evaporative Cooler Review – (Consumer Reports & Buying Guide)

Are you looking for Costway evaporative cooler? If yes, this is one nice product form this brand highlighted in this evaporative cooler reviews. This device comes sturdy with elegant designed that blends into any urban settings. Featured a dimension of 24.5 x 14.5 x 12 inches, weighs just 8 pounds and castors wheels, as such portability is not a concerned. It will definitely occupy small space and easy to transport as well via the frictionless wheels. The Costway air cooler is also a 3-in-1 functional device, it can be used as evaporative cooler to cooling your house, also can be used as fan or simply used it as a humidifier during winter to add humidity to your property.

This unit is not only for home use but also perfect for office environment or business areas. The large tank capacity enables the costway portable evaporative cooler to run for reasonable hours before refilling unlike units with smaller tank requiring frequent refilling. In addition to the features, choose from 3 speed fan customization, swing wind mode allows you to swing the appliance blade either vertical or horizontal position to push cool air in desired direction.

If you are looking for a cooler that uses either water or ice, this is one of the best evaporative cooler that meet this demand. You can use either crystal ice or water depending on what you want. This cooler comes with the manual instruction guide for beginners making it easy for use aftermarket purchased. This air cooling device runs quietly but this unit doesn’t meet dehumidification purposes.


2. Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air Cooler for 750 sq. ft.

Hessaire MC37M portable Evaporative Air Cooler for 750 sq. ft.

If you’re looking for hessaire evaporative cooler reviews, here is one of their best product we saw well for large space temperature cool down. The black color finish has a seven hundred fifty square area coverage capacity and a 10.3 water tank that reduces incessant water addition. Although, lack of speed levels settings compared to the Costway featuring up to 3 levels, nevertheless, you’ll still access 2-speed controls using Hessaire 37M. The 3,100 CUBIC FEET PER MINUTES is worth the price as you get forceful power to push air in larger spaces for better cooling effect.

There is also a three-sided air intake that removes hot air from your surroundings thereby leading to a reduced rate of air recycle – this, therefore, translates into a drop in static pressure and results is effective air provision. This is also known for low energy consumption. More so, you can connect this evaporative cooler to a continuous water supply source for nonstop operation, as such you don’t need to refill manually. The lightweight design is another upfront that makes MC37M great for flexible mobility and at the same time runs quietly. Due to the numerous robust features, consequently, this evaporative price is higher than the costway.


3. NewAir AF-310 Portable Evaporative Air Fan and Humidifier

 NewAir AF-310 Portable Evaporative Air Fan and Humidifier

If you are looking for an evaporative cooler from the NewAir brand, check this AF-310 model from them. The slim design is one thing you will like as it will fit seamlessly to small areas especially small bedrooms or tight office spaces. This serves as a tower fan, swamp cooler, and humidifying device. However, you’re opened to the three operation mode option. This appliance is designed for 150 square feet facility which makes Newair a nice choice to consider for personal space or small medium-sized rooms.

Also, featured swing airflow mode, timer to set working duration before shutting down, and remote controlling that enables you to access your device easily without leaving your seat comfort. Although the state of the art 3 feet tall unit lacks caster wheels it’s lightweight allows for easy lifting from one location to another. This can be used for outdoor or indoor air cooling needs.


4. Cajun Kooling CK4500 Evaporative Air Cooler High Power

Cajun Kooling CK4500 Evaporative Air Cooler High Power

If you want more coverage space and cfm power then Cajun Kooling CK4500 is an ideal recommendation. This appliance is constructed to covers indoors as large as 1,200 square feet which makes the best evaporative cooler discussed here for bigger spaces. In addition, the high 4,500 cubic feet per minute means high volume of air because the higher the value denote the capacity of air flow rate. To mention some ideal areas to use this device apart from home includes restaurant, garages, shops, and patio and public event places. If your cooling area falls within said environment, sure you can pick this as the rightful machine.

This comes featuring Ultraviolet light that destroys bacteria causing algae and molds found in water leaving with healthy fresh air to breath. The design incorporates 3 air-intake for better airflow delivery yet still possess a compact size. More so, this run with lowest decibel sound of 60(A) promoting serene environment. When water is low, there is a shutdown valve on the pump that ensures internal parts don’t over work! It comes with external screen that prevents the unit cooling pad from allergens such as pet fur, pollen, dust and bug.

The 32 liter gallon is easy to fill and last for up to ten hours operation. If you don’t want the tank, you can use the attached hose option to water supply outlet for continuous water flow.  Built with UV resistant plastic and weatherproof body which accounts for its durable construction. Top of the features includes 3 speed select fan levels, air flow oscillating mode and auto shut down timer up to 8hours settings. It comes with remote, caster wheels but you need to install the castor on arrival, with help of the manual and user instruction, you can do that conveniently and other operation confidently. 


5. Frigidaire EC300W-FA Portable Evaporative Air Humidifier

 Frigidaire EC300W-FA Portable Evaporative Air Humidifier

Wrapping up this evaporative cooler review comes the Frigidaire EC300. This comes portable and thus occupy a small area as such can be considered for personal cooling area demand.

This swamp cooler however is incapacitated to power environments measuring up to 640 square ft. that’s equivalent to a large room’s size. The 4 fan speed setting delivers 600 cubic feet per minute airflow.
Even though the reservoir volume is lesser compare to that of Cajun, yet you will still not involved in frequent refilling.

Also, for more convenient refilling, the tank can be removed to carry out these activities. The 2-in-1 meets two operations such as fan or air cooler to alternate following your preference. The super quiet evaporative cooler is a rare piece for your night sleep most competitive units can’t offer. It is also energy efficient as such, low energy bills but the market price is on the high end.


Best Evaporative Cooler Review Buying Guide

Although the products reviewed analyzed the relevant aspect of each cooler. Nevertheless, we’re dedicated to seeing you discover a working friendly machine that meets your cooling demand. In this respect, the following further consideration to choose wisely.

  • CFM: This is the first thing to check for. This determines the rate at which heat is evaporated giving way for cool air filling your space. Btu referred to British thermal unit and higher value equals fast cooling time and also means large area coverage. For example, a room of 200 square feet requires an evaporative cooler that is 750 CFM capacity. However, for 1000 square area you need at least 1500 CFM. See this chart below as a guide.
  • Portability: Size matter a lot which is one which is a determinant factor for judging the best evaporative cooler. If you intend to use it for more than one room or outdoor event cooling of temperature, you’ll need a model with a lightweight unit with mobility casters for easy transporting. At the same time, the size should be looked upon. The space-saving unit is the best for small rooms. 
  • Timer: This is useful if you want the device to operate for a specific period and turn off automatically once the set duration clock. On the market, you see 12, 24, etc. timer; regarding your demand should be your target.
  • Speed and control: Ensure to look for the best evaporative cooler featuring variable control speed. This will let you customize air cooling speed and comfort. For ease of use, a remote controlling unit is nice for anywhere operation within your facility. 
  • Water resistant: For outdoor use, water-resistant body construction is a great deal. This protects the unit from the exterior and also from hot climate damage. 
  • Warranty: We recommend a product with a backup warranty. Anything can happen because the appliance can sometimes fail as such having this coverage is worth more than important. 


Do evaporative coolers really work?
Yes this appliance work and cools down temperature. If you’re looking forward to remove hot air in your space, this is one of the rightful device to look out for. Personally, running an evaporative cooler has helped me feel cooler and comfortable.
Do evaporative coolers work in high humidity?
In high humidity environment, it makes no sense to turn on this cooling device because the climate already feel damp. Since the atmosphere is saturated, air coolers won’t operates efficiently. However, you can rely on evaporative cooling in dry humidity environment.
Are evaporative coolers any good?
Well, seeing that this machine keeps you calm in hot weather climate, this significantly means benefits to you which is seen as the good side of evaporative coolers.
Here are the best picks

The mechanism behind the functionality of this device involves the fan that push the cool air over to your house after it has been processed inside the device. The best part the output delivered is devoid of chemicals because it only uses water in its process unlike air conditioner that uses refrigerant.

Final Verdicts

We’ve taken you through our best evaporative cooler reviews featuring the top 5 best products. We also believe that the informative guide will also help you in discovering the right one for your need. Nevertheless, we recommend this COSTWAY Air Cooler Portable Evaporative one as our best choice. 

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