Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Reviews: Top Picks

Our Views On Bathroom Dehumidifier Importance And Reviews

Bathrooms that are often wet can be a breeding ground for molds, mildew and other agents. And if you’re living in counties especially in low temperature areas of USA then the fight against humidity will be just an everyday. This means your bathroom will become a place for moisture settlement if you care is not taking. A bathroom dehumidifier is inevitable if you want your dehumidifier to be free havoc of humidity problems.

So in this article, we are going to be looking at the benefits of dehumidifying the bathroom, things to consider in choosing the best bathroom dehumidifiers. And finally introduce you to our dehumidifier for bathroom reviews.

Benefits Of Installing A Dehumidifier In Your Bathroom

In simple words, dehumidifiers are appliances that can control the moisture in any given room. Here are some benefits that you can expect out of them:

  • Your house becomes free of allergens, mold, mildew and harmful microbes like bacteria and fungi
  • This can reduce skin irritation and respiratory problems with continual use
  • It decreases the musty smell in your house and makes the air breathable
  • It can lower the cost of your energy bills because it assists air conditioners to run efficiently

Choosing The Best Bathroom Dehumidifier

In order to purchase the right dehumidifier for your bathroom, there are few things that needs to be considered.  This section however covers the details and we believe with this information, picking a dehumidifier today is possible.

First and foremost, measure the humidity levels in your house or room that you want to dehumidify. You can achieve this with the aid of a hygrometer but if you don’t’ have one then find one here with ease.

The next step, calculate or determine the area of the bath room. Apparently, small bathrooms size is generally around 150 square feet and this is equivalently 1,200 cubic feet size.

After arriving at the above answer, your budget should be the next consideration. Generally bathroom dehumidifiers are not big size units and so with less than a $100 (hundred dollars) you can choose an efficient unit.

If you are able to come up with a friendly budget range, we can now advise you to check for products with warranty. This will give you peace of mind running your dehumidifier with confidence.

Another important factor, look for energy star dehumidifiers so that you can dehumidify more and payless on energy bills.      

Our Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Reviews

As promised, we have chosen a few models that you may deem as suitable for your requirements.

1. Afloia Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Afloia Dehumidifier for Bathroom

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This dehumidifier can keep your home free of germs, allergies, odorless and safe for breathing. Hence, it is an ideal thing for people suffering from breathing and heart problems. This creates a quiet environment that well ventilated and is most ideal for sleeping. Here is more on this dehumidifier:


  • This is very energy efficient a dehumidifier and is low on consumption
  • The ultimate thing for office, small rooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and more
  • It is compact in size and is highly portable a device
  • Has a 2 liter tank that is competent enough
  • Can absorb 26 ounces of moisture a day in 86 degrees F with 80% RH
  • It is an eco friendly tool that needs less of your attention
  • May not work well if kept in a lower position, but if placed on a higher platform, it can work better, so needs positioning

2. InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier

InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier

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Now, you can protect your home from mold, mildew and bacteria with the help of this dehumidifier. Moreover, this uses Peltier technology for dehumidification that can effectively remove the much dreaded moisture from your room. It can take out up to 27 ounces of moisture in 86 degrees F with 80% Relative Humidity. You can find out more about this machine in this section:


  • This is a compact dehumidifier that is easy to store
  • It is portable, which means you can lug it around
  • It is light weight and weighs only 5.7 pounds
  • Is safe to use, as the tank can taken out effortlessly
  • The tank can auto shut off, when it is full
  • You can even connect the tank to hose for further clearance
  • Backed up 1 year of warranty that makes it authentic
  • Makes a swooshing sound, which may be acceptable, but is still annoying

3. Electric Dehumidifier, iSiLER Portable Dehumidifier

Electric Dehumidifier, iSiLER Portable Dehumidifier

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This is a standard model that can dehumidify small rooms, bathrooms, garages, kitchens, bedrooms, laundry rooms and offices. It can dehumidify and keep your house safe from mildew, musty odors and dust mites. Not only this, you can expect your bedding and wooden furniture to remain dry even during the humid months. If this interests you, then do read our findings on this device in here:


  • Can remove 1.6 pints of moisture a day
  • Can take care of rooms of 161-269 square feet in size
  • It keeps the space comfortable, free of odor and cool
  • It has easy to read indicators that inform you about how much water remains
  • Does not make too loud a noise (40 dB)
  • Has a functional user manual that can be consulted whenever you need it
  • Comes with 3 months unconditional return
  • Backed by 12 months warranty
  • May not be very helpful at places with too much humidity

4. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

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Pro Breeze is another dehumidifier we recommend for bathroom use. It comes with exotic features that makes it adorable for bathroom humidity control. User’s ratings and reviews place Pro breeze high among competitive units and couple with our reviews below, this mini dehumidifier maybe the best for you.

Compact Size      

It comes in small and lightweight design that’ll let you pick with just one hand placing it on any suspended height in your bathroom.

Moisture Capacity

Although small but powerful enough removes up 9 ounces of moisture/day. And it’s perfectly for bathrooms of size 150 square feet (1,200 cubic feet).  If the size of your bathroom is within the aforementioned feet or coverage area then this Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier maybe what you are looking for.

Noise Level

Even though your bathroom is not a place where you spend long time but that shouldn’t mean it should be noisy. For this reason, Pro breeze electric dehumidifier is equipped with ultra-quiet technology and that makes it to work in whisper operation.

Automatic Shut Off

This unit needs no monitoring at all. Just turn it on and leave it. When tank is full, Pro breeze turns off. Also the LED light starts illuminating for you to drain the tank. You can then gently remove the tank, empty it and replaced again.

In summary, Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier is efficiently optimal in smaller bathrooms. Operates with an optimal temperature of 59 to 86 degree Fahrenheit. However, can’t work well in temperature below 41 degrees. Fully automated settings with low power consumption.   

5. hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier

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This dehumidifier has helped many people to tackle problems such as molds, mildew and odor reduction that arises from too humidness. However those who often notice all the mentioned things in their bathroom are in the closet of health related problems. High moisture rate inside your bathroom is the causes of them and you need to remove it as soon as possible. However, hOmLabs is dedicated to dehumidify bathrooms giving you result within a space of time. You can take look at the relevant features of this device below.


Not disputing the fact, hOmLabs dehumidifier is of the same size with that of the Pro breeze and as such makes it ideal for bathrooms with little space. The entire unit only weighs 2.6 pounds. Also the dimension is approximately 6.5 x 5.3 x 85 inches and this will perfectly occupy a small size bathroom.

Energy Efficient

If you don’t want to spend much on dehumidifying bills, we suggest you pick hOmlabs. It is energy efficient and ETL certified.  

Pint Rate

As a small device, you may not expect much pint power capacity. But nevertheless, you’ll get up to 9 ounce of moisture removed from your bathroom. And the collected moisture will be settle into the tank which you can manually pour out later.  

Auto Shut Off

Is it safe to use hOmlabs? Definitely, this dehumidifier is safe for bathroom humidity removal. Has auto turn-off function that turns the unit off on full tank.  Also, there is a LED light that remain on display indicating time to dispose condensation.  

Sound Level

From our findings and users feedback, hOmlabs bathroom dehumidifier runs quietly even ideal for night use.

In summary, we recommend it for a maximal coverage area of 150 square feet. Apart from using it in your bathroom, you can as well use it for small bedrooms, and other small sized rooms.

6. Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

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Out of the box, Ivation is ready to dehumidify to subdue allergies and molds problems that brings worries every time you enter the bathroom.

It is not only meant for bathroom, you can use it anywhere like in your basement, boats, attics etc. but the space should not exceed 2,200 cubic feet.

Ivation IVADM35 take out more humidity up to 20 ounces per day compare to the Pro breeze and hOmlabs with 9 ounce capacity.

There is no moving parts in this unit, therefore very quiet in operation. At full capacity, a light display comes up and immediately turns off waiting for draining.  

It comes in medium size featuring a dimension of 9.6 x 14.1 x 7.2 inches and overall weight of 6.4 pounds. This means easy picking up for humidity removal anywhere.


  • Small size
  • Turns off itself
  • Large tank capacity


  • A bit expensive than most units discussed here.

In Conclusion:

As mentioned above, we have tried and tested these products, but, yes, we have not tried all the products in the market. In fact, we know that is an impossible task, so we picked up what sounded like the best in this Bathroom Dehumidifier Importance And Reviews. Hope you have liked our endeavor so far and will support us in future as well.

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